* Ongoing: I am happy to say that my first genealogy-themed cozy mystery is done, edited, revised, edited again, revised again, and ready for representation! The second in the series is already in the works as well.


* Already Published: The End of the Dating Moratorium  (Available in paperback and Kindleformats fromAmazon.com).

Set in Houston, The End of the Dating Moratorium is a modern, humor-filled romance about a wedding planner named Shelby who’s enjoying her “self-authorized suspension of the romance activity” a little too much, the loved ones around her who tend to be a little ruthless about setting her up on blind dates, and the contractor on her office renovations who just might be the person to make Shelby want to end her dating moratorium once and for all.

Here's a few quotes from reviewers on Amazon.com.

"Such a cute and funny read! Loved it!! It's an easy way to pass the time. I thoroughly enjoyed it."

"If you're looking for something fun and witty, here's your book. We all know someone who is constantly trying to matchmake. It's funny to see both sides. Loved it!"

"The End of the Dating Moratorium is a refreshing take on the frustrations of single life. It is an easy read with great continuity and flow."

"I love to get lost in a happy, summer romance novel and The End of the Dating Moratorium did not disappoint."

* A Kindle app for your PC or Mac can be downloaded from Amazon.com. A Kindle app for iPhone and iPad can be downloaded to your device for free from the App Store.
* I write traditional/cozy mysteries and thrillers.
* My current novel is the first in the Ancestry Detective series, about an Austin-based genealogist named Lucy Lancaster. In her first adventure, Lucy discovers that her client's great-great grandfather was murdered in 1849, and investigates two possible men as the potential killer. When a descendant of one of these nineteenth-century men kills again, Lucy must work to figure out what or who in the past is fueling the sinister deeds of the present.
* My own ancestry is mostly English. After that, I'm equal parts Spanish, Irish, and Scottish. With some French and American Indian thrown in, and a pinch of German and Dutch. I'm a mutt and darn proud of it!
* I'm also a sixth-generation Texan. And an Aggie. Whoop!
* I majored in journalism and have worked in writing and/or editing for most of my career, including many years as a freelance writer and editor for two educational publishing houses. I currently work for a non-profit organization.
* In my spare time, I love to ride horses, garden, cook, go out with my friends, go to the beach, and -- of course! -- read all I can.

A Few Facts About Me & Books News


Extra Factoid About Me:* A 48-page book I wrote for Rosen Publishing under the Making Smart Choices Series has been in print since 2008.  It is aimed as an informative and non-judgmental discussion for teenagers and sells mainly to schools and libraries.  The book is published under Stephanie C. Perkins and is available from both Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com (ISBN-13  978-1404213869).

S.C. Perkins, Writer